REDWOLVES is a hard rocking quartet hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark. Taking their main source of inspiration from the 70’s rock greats such as Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy alongside later day rock n’ roll enigmas such as The Hellacopters, Turbonegro and Kvelertak, the band is one firmly rooted in the classic heavy rock tradition. Still, REDWOLVES sounds as fresh and unique as a winterbath in the Copenhagen harbour, with their own tones, traits and tunes, that flavours the holy tradition with Scandinavian darkness and up-to-date production. REDWOLVES’ impressive vocalist Rasmus Gundell completes the band delivering his intelligent lyrics with a powerful and soulful high pitched vocal bringing forth vibes of a young Glenn Hughes or maybe a Geddy Lee with a whole lotta more sexy moves thrown in the mix.

REDWOLVES started out as Awesome Mr. Powerwolf in 2012, and they played a bunch of national shows carrying this moniker. The band had to change their name to REDWOLVES in 2014, when the label Nuclear Blast found their name to be too similar to Powerwolf, a German powermetal band in their roster. Somehow the name change fueled the band with fire, more shows were played and new songs were written. This hard work is now skillfully distilled into REDWOLVES’ brand new EP ”Walking Roads” produced by Jakob Reichert Nielsen (Rising, Lack a.o.) – a collection of four powerful heavy rock n’ roll songs, that will blow your ears, body  and brains away.

Members: Rasmus Cundell (Vocals), Simon Stenbæk Christensen (Guitar), Nicholas Randy Tesla (Bass), Kasper Rebien (Drums)


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